May 20, 2011

Pure X Factor 1 – New X Factor USA Promo Trailer Released (Video)

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This is indeed the best teaser yet! This new show is about to take over America. See scenes from the auditions. See Simon Cowell explain what the show is about while we see hints of the new talent who might be gracing and even dominating the stage next Fall. We also see the three judges to join Simon: Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid (“This guy makes careers”, Simon says), and Cheryl Cole. Then the two hosts, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones are spotlighted. “I want to do it bigger and better than we’ve ever seen before”, Simon declares.

Wow, this show is coming together in a powerful way and I’m starting to think it will blow the doors off American idol? 😯


May 19, 2011

Pure X Factor Season 1 – Live Audition Tapings

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Hello all! It’s Marianya, an import from other blogs in the family.

In case anyone is interested, tickets are still available for the live tapings of the auditions in the various audition cities.

In any case, first thing’s first… I just came from the evening taping of the first day of the Chicago auditions, and I had fun. Naturally I couldn’t go to the tapings alone, what fun would that be? So who better to converse and comment about the music and contestants with than someone that is by far much more musically inclined than I am. (But then again, everyone’s a critic)

However, I won’t spoil you guys about the contestants or the individual song choices themselves. Instead I’ll give you an idea of what you could expect from the show as well as what happened during the live tapings… so bear with me.

If you’ve been to a few of these live audience tapings, you would know that they last a long time, and in between acts or contestants there has to be someone that would keep the energy moving, keep people on their toes… A warm up act if you will.

The warm up act in this particular Chicago audition was none other than Bill from Cleveland, Ohio… so predictably the guy had to pull the “I want the Bulls to beat the Heat, make them cry on live television” gag. Not going to lie, after watching Game 2 of the Bulls/Heat game live and seeing the Bulls lose, I’m kind of wanting that too, but I digress.

He was fantastic, though he seemed to have a bit of a love affair with the ‘guy in the green shirt’ up in front. That is until Bill found out that 1) the guy was in selling ‘stuff’ and 2) he’s married and expecting a baby boy… SHOTGUN!

In any case, he introduced the hosts of the show: Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls fame and another UK import, Steve Jones, hailing from Wales.

Now if you don’t already know who Nicole is, then get out from whatever rock you’ve been hiding under and click on the links to find out. In the meantime I’ll clue you in on Steve Jones a bit here: Steve hails from Wales and started out in modeling before trading that career to that of a presenter on various programmes in the UK.

Now, why Steve as co-host as opposed to others like the rumored Corbin Bleu? Because he and Nicole showed a bit of chemistry in the very few minutes that the audience was introduced to them. Nicole came out on stage dancing to a Pussycat Dolls song, started singing along to it and Steve came up a few steps behind her and watched. To me, he was the yin (calm) to her yang (excitable). I rather liked that balance, a lot, it worked for me. I for one am looking forward to seeing how they meld together on screen.

After their short little stint they disappeared on stage, presumably to talk to the contestants and family members as they come on and off stage.

And that is it for now… later in the week I will post a bit about the judges and the impressions they left behind during the tapings. Until then have a good night!


May 16, 2011

X Factor Season 1 – Simon Cowell and Cast Attend Fox Upfronts 2011 Programming Presentation (Press Photos)

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The cast of X Factor joined Simon Cowell to attend the FOX Upfronts Programming Presentation in New York this afternoon to preview the new show in the fall. Above are some promotional shots of Simon, Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole, Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger. Former American Idol judge and friend Randy Jackson made a special appearace on stage. No, he didn’t have the wrong show. Deadline had this to report on the LIVE proceedings. Be sure to stay tuned to the link for more on today’s events and press coverage.

How important is Simon Cowell’s X Factor to Fox? The show was showcased at the very top of Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly’s schedule presentation. “Others may imitate, but there is really only one Simon and only one X Factor.”

The X Factor crew came out in full force, led by Cowell. He was joined by fellow judges Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole and L.A. Reid and hosts Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones. Also walking on stage with them was American Idol’s Randy Jackson, reuniting with his former co-judges Cowell and Abdul. Said Cowell, “Randy, wrong show, this is the new one.”

More great press shots here.