June 15, 2011

X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger On What She Expects In A Winner And More

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It’s being reported by CBBC that Simon taught Nicole how to judge “really fast” when she had a hard time saying “No”. Nicole remarked that she’s been through the auditioning process before, so, she has a good idea on what the contestants are going through. Nicole also speaks of what she is looking for in a winner. More below and at the link.

“I can hopefully be of some service mentoring these contestants, coming from the same place.”

The judge revealed how she plans to keep contestants at ease: “I try to keep a big fat smile on my face so they feel like I’m there for them.”

On what she’s looking for in the winner: “I know the work that I’ve put into where I’ve got where I am today – my entire life – and how serious I’ve taken it and how hard I’ve worked. So I’m really looking for someone like that.”