April 7, 2011

US X Factor Season 1 – Gloria Estefan Makes Surprise Appearance At Miami X Factor Auditions

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According to Digital Spy, Gloria Estefan made a surprise appearance at today’s X Factor auditions in Miami. 7,500 hopeful contestants lined up outside the Bank United Center this morning after the official X Factor Twitter account teased they could expect a “special guest”. Below is what Gloria told the fans. More details at the link.

“I hope all of you have a great day and remember to go all out! You’ve got one shot – one chance, so make sure you give it your all,” she told them.

“Be yourself, the only thing you can offer is originality to the world. There’s a lot of great singers and dancers but you have to do what makes you unique. Good luck and make Miami proud!”

Gloria would make a great judge. I hope she is in the running.

Even more details and images from the Miami auditions Here.


Pure X Factor 2011 – Sneak Preview Of What New ‘X Factor USA’ Judge L.A. Reid Will Bring To The Show

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Would you like a little preview for what to expect of new X Factor Judge L.A. Reid? If so, below is a take from a new interview with L.A. at Music Yahoo. It sounds like he will be full of diverse feelings and opinions, but, he is never mean hearted which will be good to seperate him from Simon and his personality in my opinion.

REALITY ROCKS: So this is your first time doing a show like this. What kind of judge will you be? The “nice one”? The “mean one”? The “wacky one”?
L.A. REID: Well, I like to think that I’m a nice person! I really don’t know. I’m a Gemini; I have a lot of personalities. I’m not sure which one’s going to show up when the camera starts rolling! I’m going to find it as I do it. But I’m always honest about who I am, I’m myself; I don’t play a role or anything. I am a straight shooter. I can say things in a nice way; I can say things in kind of a sharp way. I am never nasty, that’s not my thing, but I’m honest, and I don’t say everything is “great.” If it’s not great, I don’t call it great. .

REALITY ROCKS: How are you getting along with Simon?
L.A. REID: I find Simon to be so charming and such a nice guy. Really smart, really creative, very self-assured…overall, I’m really impressed by Simon, just as someone who really admires him, apart from the show. I think he’s a fascinating guy. So the fact that I’m so impressed with him certainly makes the relationship go in a certain direction, you know? I just really think he’s the best there is.

REALITY ROCKS: Is there anything intimidating about being on the same panel with a famous judge like Simon Cowell?
L.A. REID: It’s an honor. It doesn’t intimidate me. By the way, NOTHING intimidates me. Intimidate? Me? Nah.

REALITY ROCKS: Awesome. We need a strong judge!
L.A. REID: I’m happy to be the backseat driver. I feel fortunate to be on the panel with, in my opinion, the most fascinating guy who’s ever done this. But we don’t always agree, and we won’t always agree!

REALITY ROCKS: Is it important to you that “The X Factor” beat “Idol,” either critically or in the ratings?
L.A. REID: Well, it’s the Simon factor that makes this exciting, and has brought about so much anticipation for the show and so much popularity for a show that hasn’t even aired in America yet. He was the original. So you’d have to ask Simon: Is he in competition with his own past? As a record man, I’m always at some level in competition with records that I’ve made in my past. I’m always in competition with artists that I’ve discovered. So in some way, you can’t get around the fact that that we all compete with ourselves, right? So I’d have to say, if there’s any competition, it’s Simon competing with Simon.

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