July 15, 2011

Odds Makers Think the US X Factor Winner Will Be A Male Under The Age Of 25!

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Would you believe enteraintainment betting sources in Las Vegas are already placing their bets for who will win the US version of the X Factor? Currently, odds makers are saying the winner will be a man under age 25. More below and at the link from Sportsbook Gurus.

The first season of American X Factor is set to premier this fall on the FOX network and already fans are talking about the talent we are expected to see in the first season. Online sportsbooks are already offering entertainment betting odds on who will win this season of the American X Factor. Not yet knowing who the contestants are at this point makes it difficult to predict who the winner will be. Odds makers know how popular reality television can be and are sure to follow this series from start to finish.

To win American X Factor 2011:

Boys under 25 +125
Girls under 25 +250
Individuals over 25 +250
Groups +425

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned! We will be keeping a close track to all of the gambling sources out there because it’s fun to see how close or far away they are in their hunches and predictions. Sometimes they seem to know more on the outcome than a person would think?