March 22, 2011

US X Factor 1 – Simon Cowell Live Tweets On The X Factor / Cheryl Cole Still In The Mix As A Judge

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Today, Simon Cowell answered questions from fans on the new US X Factor. One fan asked why he was giving away so much prize money ($5 Million)? Simon answered that he wanted to show he was certain they would find a star, it would make the show more interesting, and greed is good.

Simon also advised people and fans auditioning for the X Factor to be “unique”, “dress to stand out, and be patient”. Simon also commented that he hates it when “Mums and Dads choose the outfits”. He advises to “be original”!

Simon was also asked on Cheryl Cole and if he was going to pick her as a judge for the show. Here is what he tweeted on her as well as when he might be picking the last two judges….

@CherylColeUSA Cheryl is in the mix, talking to the network this week, hope to announce the 2 remaining judges very shortly.


The X Factor (USA)

Hurry up, Simon, and quit stalling! 🙂

To read more, visit TheXFactorUSA Twitter Page.


March 19, 2011

Simon Cowell Says He will Reveal The US X Factor Judging Panel “Within The Week” (Video)

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Let’s hope this is the case!! Fans are getting anxious!! I hope he picks people who know music, and who are famous and really out there. In my opinion, Simon needs to make a strong statement with his selection of judges in the same way American Idol has this past year. I hope the Mick Jagger and Enrique Iglesias rumors to judge are true. Simon needs a woman on the panel as well and I hope that is Cheryl Cole who within a year is expected to be one of the biggest names in America.

Hmmm, so who would you like to see be a new judge on the new US X Factor?

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