April 7, 2011

Pure X Factor – US X Factor To Have Two Hosts

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Hollywood Reporter is reporting the US version to X Factor will have two hosts when it premieres this fall on Fox. Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO of FremantleMedia North America (which produces X Factor), says they want to make sure there is a distinct difference between American Idol and X Factor to unsure each won’t cannibalize each other’s audiences. No word yet on who the two new hosts will be. To make an impact, I personally think it needs to be people who are well known and likable. Any ideas? I’m still hoping Enrique Iglesias is up for the job as host or a judge as long as it doesn’t interfere with his music career. On the other hand, I can’t really see that happening.

“Our job is to make sure the two shows are as distinct as possible,” she tells THR. “For example: We’re making sure there are two entirely different teams with no overlap in terms of individuals who are working on both shows. And from a format and tonal standpoint, they’re very different. In terms of casting the judges, again, we’re making sure the looks are different. And I can reveal that we’ll have two hosts on The X Factor.”

When it comes to producing or taking on a new show, Frot-Coutaz tells THR: “The overriding thing is that we’re a global company, so we’re not just looking to produce for the local market. We want shows that are format-able, transferable, promotable and fairly universal in appeal. That’s the business model: to make 30 versions of it. Familiarity is important, too. There was nothing that original about Idol Š but it was a different way of presenting something that was familiar. And you have to be able to scale up, so if a show only works for two or three episodes, that’s also not a good thing. Then sometimes, the best ideas are the ones you stumble upon which come in through the back door.”