July 4, 2011

Mariah Carey To Assist Simon Cowell On The US X Factor?

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More drama is starting to enfold around the US X Factor. It’s rumored that Simon Cowell will soon be hiring Mariah Carey to help with the US X Factor in place of his long time friend and UK side kick Sinitta. What’s more, Sinitta is not happy about it. You can read more below and at the link from STV.

It is rumoured that he is hoping to sign up Mariah Carey as his right-hand woman for the US show.

A source told the Daily Star: “His decision has come like a bolt out of the blue for poor Sinitta.

“She’s had that role on the UK show for the last seven years and was hoping he would enlist her services for the US series.”

However, the 42-year-old singer is apparently not going to take the decision lying down and is allegedly not going to go quietly.

Sinitta apparently told the paper: “Well, let’s just say feathers will fly if Mariah takes my spot.

“Although she is a mega diva vocally, you can expect another XF USA drama.

“I won’t just roll over and take it. I hope she can run in high heels.”

I tend to think this is mullarchy! I think they’ve been planning on this move for a long time and Sinitta is being a drama queen for publicity. Besides Sinitta has enough on her plate with the UK X Factor. Mariah will be perfect filling this role for the US X Factor. I hope this ends up coming true.