June 19, 2011

X Factor Louis Walsh Describes Simon Cowell’s Best And Worst Qualities

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Louis Walsh says Simon has the biggest ego, but, if he didn’t have the ego he has, he wouldn’t be as successful at what he does. More below and at STV.com.

“He’s got great instincts, about people and fame, and he never goes for the obvious.

“He’s a perfectionist and works hard, but for all his success, he hasn’t changed.

“He doesn’t even dress well. The hairstyle, the flares, a bit of heel.”

Louis added: “The odd bit of Botox. But he needs it; he’s 51 and it’s called maintenance.”

True or False? I think Louis nailed it. Simon has qualities that can make you love and hate him. He’s not the best dresser either unless he’s attending the Royal Ascot. πŸ˜€