June 15, 2011

L.A. Reid Said To Be Meanest Judge At The Miami X Factor Auditions And More Coverage

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WSVN in Miami is reporting how two people rocked the house last night at the Miami auditions….a 16 year-old and a 22 year-old. The live audience had a specific job to do. Read on it below as well as their thoughts on L.A. Reid who they are saying is “the meanest judge”. Wow, I’ve got to see this! 😯 Be sure to view a video at the link covering yesterday’s X factor auditions in full.

Nicole Scherzinger expects contestants put all of their energy and originality into their performances. “I’m hoping that they flipping bring it,” she said. “We only have a couple of cities left and I really want to be inspired.”

The X-Factor taped the first two of four audition rounds Tuesday, with selected contestants ranging from 12 years old and up. Male, female, groups and seniors all auditioned in front of a live audience.

People who attended auditions said South Florida represented. “There’s two people who rocked the house tonight,” said Denise Henay, “Jasmine, 16-year-old, and there was a 22-year-old, his name is Jeremiah.”

Another attendee agreed with Henay’s opinion. “I saw that little girl and I said, ‘This girl can sing,'” said Elvis Monge. “She opened that mouth, her name is Jasmine. People remember her name, Jasmine from Miami, she rocked the house.”

Before taping the auditions, some audience members suffered from heat exhaustion, thanks to record highs outside.

The live audience is considered the fifth judge, as audience members are encouraged to react to the auditions. “My God, it’s like the Roman Coliseum in there. They’re down, they’re up and they do it to us as well,” said Cowell. “I mean we get a hard time as well, if they disagree with us. They can turn on you, in other words my life is in danger.”

Audience members said that music mogul judge L.A. Reid is the meanest judge. “L.A. Reid was the meanest to me,” said Henay.

He disagrees. “No, I’m not mean at all. I’m a marshmallow. I don’t know, I’m far from mean.”

The Sun Sentinelalso reported on yesterday’s events at the BankCenter in Miami. Here is a take of what they said of some of the contestants and the judging. Much more at the link.

First up was a girl group in their twenties. Next came a 67-year-old condo performer from Parkland. A 13-year-old, whose goal is to be on “Glee,” followed.

(“The X Factor” requested no spoilers on names, who won the judges’ favor, and the songs that were sung, since the auditions will become a show in September.)

Simon is still Simon. “You sucked,” he told one delusional wannabe.

Another, who didn’t score well, asked what he could do to improve. “Sing in tune,” Simon retorted.

It looks like it’s going to be tough season to be a contestant. Reid, a successful record producer, can be just as caustic as Simon. A young man who said he was going to sing, “My Girl” was stopped short by Reid asking, “Anything from this century?”

He piled on after the performance. “I like you … I just don’t like your voice.”

Even Paula had her sharp moments. “You’re not at all at the level we’re looking for,” she told a deflated hopeful.

Scherzinger, a Pussycat Doll, seems to be fitting into the niche Paula used to occupy, the reassuring voice even when she’s not crazy about a performance.

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