August 26, 2011

X Factor Simon Cowell And Paula Abdul For Interview Magazine September 2011

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I do see a big difference in the American work ethic compared to the British work ethic in a lot of artists. Nicole Scherzinger, who is a judge on X Factor, is a great example of that. This girl, honest to god, is like a machine. She’s up at five in the morning. She’s in the gym. She’s jogging. She’s working. She’s thinking about everything. She’s rehearsing. She’s hustling. She’s aware of what’s happening around her. She’s got that 360-degree vision. Beyoncé has that as well. And I think what we’re experiencing is almost like one of those B-movies from years ago where we’re seeing sort of the rise of the super female pop star. It’s like a different breed. ~Simon Cowell in Interview Magazine

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul posed together for a glamorous new shoot promoting the X Factor in the new September issue of Interview Magazine. Simon is interviewed as well. He talks of how he was inspired to do the show being he always liked to watch TV and he loves music. He talks of what it’s like to say “no” to contestants. He also talks of the differences in work ethic between the UK and the US. All this and more at the link.