April 8, 2011

Pure X Factor 1 – Julianne Hough & Jesse McCartney: Rumors They Auditioned For New US ‘X Factor’ Judge

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TV3 is reporting Julianne Hough met with Fox executives earlier this week to audition as a new X Factor judge. I hope this rumor is true? I’d love to see Julianne take this role. But, as followers to her know, Julianne is filming a new movie with Tom Cruise (“Rock Of The Ages”) which starts filming in May. Being the UK is famous for making up idiotic tabloid stories and being Julianne will be busy with the new movie during auditions this Spring and Summer, it’s unlikely this rumor is true. But, you never know (since Simon has confirmed he likes to feed the press with possible contenders in the running as well) which is why we decided to post on it to cover all bases. Singer Jesse McCartney also met with the executives. More details below.

The former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ professional dancer and country music star – who is dating ‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest – held meetings with Fox executives earlier this week although she could face competition from singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney, who has also met with show bosses.

Both candidates have links to the show as Simon Cowell is an admirer of Jesse, who co-wrote his protege Leona Lewis’ single ‘Bleeding Love’, while rumoured judge Cheryl Cole is close to Julianne through her relationship with the dancer’s brother Derek Hough.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Simon believes Jesse has the right look for the show, and would appeal to both grandmothers and young girls. While Julianne looks fantastic on camera and has quite a high profile in the states.

“Cheryl would love Julianne to be involved as they’ve met through Derek. She would like a friendly face on board.”

Simon has recently revealed choosing the final judging panel is giving him sleepless nights because he and his production team keep changing their minds about who to have alongside himself and music producer LA Reid.

He said: “The truth is that the reason we haven’t announced the panel yet is that nobody can agree. New people keep coming along every week who we want to see.

Poor Simon. If true, it sounds like he is having a difficult time with this decision all around. Recently, he confirmed Fergie was in the running as a judge as well. There is growing speculation that Gloria Estefan might be a judge as well since her surprise appearance at the Miami auditions yesterday. I like the idea of these two as Judges as well.