June 30, 2011

Ghost Busters Needed For The X Factor Judges!

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Apparently while visiting Dallas, Texas, for the X Factor tapings last week, some of the judges check into a haunted hotel. According to US Magazine, Paula experienced her faucets turning off and on on their own. L.A. refused to stay in the hotel and Simon couldn’t have been more content to stay with the ghosts. More below on this funny story. I would have been like L.A Reid and left for sure!!!!!

“L.A. didn’t even know the story of the ghosts; he just couldn’t be inside the hotel,” a source close to the trio tells Us Weekly. “He was first to check in and left before the others arrived, saying it had a ‘weird feeling about it.’ Everyone joked he was being a diva, but when they heard about the hotel really being haunted they just thought he was smart!”

After the Dallas area experienced a thunderstorm — said to bring out the apparitions — Abdul was especially spooked and the insider tells Us she experienced her bathroom’s faucets turning on and off on their own.

As for Cowell, the source says he quite enjoyed the impromptu haunting.

Word is the judge — and X Factor’s creator — has become somewhat obsessed with the spirits.

“All the other judges were freaked out and insisted on changing hotels or rooms, but Simon was quite happy with the ghosts,” says the source. “He was fascinated by them. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he insists on staying in only haunted hotels in future!”