June 24, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Addresses X Factor Rumors About Cheryl Cole’s Firing

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Today, new X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, put a stop to rumors flying around that the axing of Cheryl Cole on the X Factor was planned all along. Nicole’s ex-manager, Jeff Haddad, started the rumor when he told Heat Magazine, “Simon always wanted Nicole as a judge. There was never a question that she wouldn’t get it. Nicole was always going to be on that judging panel and Cheryl was just being used as a cog in the wheel.” In retaliation, Nicole said the following quote to syndicated radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning;

“That’s such gossip. I was very hurt by that because it was my ex-manager who said that. It just unfortunately goes to show how much he doesn’t know because the people at Freemantle and the powers that be have no idea who he is. It’s a hard process for me and I’m sure for Cheryl.

“Cheryl’s a lovely girl and she’s going to make the best decisions for her. She’s going to be great. And as for me, I don’t care about the press, I’m going to focus on my work and let my heart and what I do best speak for itself. And in the end all the other stuff is just rubbish and will go away.”

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