June 13, 2011

Fashion Designer Leanne Marshall Writes On Paula Abdul’s X Factor Dresses

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Well, besides singing and talent acts, I can forecast another feature right now to the X Factor! It’s going to be a fashion haven with dramatic, beautiful fashionistas like Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger gracing the judging panel every week. Then there is L.A. Reid who is one of the finest dressed gentlemen that I’ve seen in a long while in his classy silk lined pin-striped suits. Know what I’m saying? πŸ™‚

Fashion Designer Leanne Marshall wrote on Paula in her blog this past week. Leanne said she’s been meeting with Paula for quite some time and has “had an incredible time making a whole series of custom garments for her.” Below is a picture Leanne posted of Paula in the pink number she designed. Be sure to check out Leanne’s blog called “Pedals and Waves” to see why maybe Paula has chosen her. Leanne Marshall’s dresses are one of a kind.

Below is Paula in another Leanne Marshall creation holding flowers given to her from Cheryl Cole who Paula has openly commented that she has no issues with and only wishes Cheryl the best. More here on the other gifts Cheryl sent to the show. Note how Simon was left out which is of no surprise there.

Here’s to the auditions in Miami this week when we’ll get to see more of the X Factor judging panel in fabulous attire. No doubt!