June 3, 2011

Pure X Factor – Cheryl Cole In A Stand Off With US X Factor Producers

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Hold your horses All! It’s not quite the official end of Cheryl Cole on the US X Factor just yet. The British singer is rumored to be applying for a U.S. Visa. According to Courant.com, Cheryl and the producers of the X Factor are in a “stand off” over her contract and she may be coming back to the States to fulfill it in some way. Keep in mind there has been no official comment on the state of Cheryl Cole’s role as a judge and the series. Despite widespread reports and rumors, Cheryl is supposedly still employed. More in a take below. Be sure to read the link for the full story on how this saga continues to boil.

According to this source, Fremantle has not fired Cole and in fact took steps Thursday that will require her to appear shortly at the U.S. consulate in London to apply for a visa so she can perform as a judge. Fremantle executives could not be reached for comment.

Apparently Cole intends to apply for the visa.

The Cole insider says the singer would like to be paid for the work she was contracted to do “as a matter of principle. … She moved her whole life to Los Angeles.” Cole bought a house in Los Angeles expecting to serve as a judge on the show.

According to the source, Cole’s team believes Simon Cowell was behind her dismissal and says Cowell apparently expected that Cole would willingly return to the British version of the show, adding, “He thinks he can move people around like chess pieces.”

A representative for Cowell was not available for comment.