May 5, 2011

Official Announcement and Promotional Stills of Cheryl Cole For The X Factor (Photos)

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Today more official news came out of Cheryl Cole joining the new X Factor judging panel with Simon Cowell and Antonio ‘LA’ Reid. Cheryl has expressed her excitement and is ready to battle it out against Simon. More in a take below from the Daily Mail. Pictures above are some official stills that were also released today of the 27 year-old singer. Be sure to read more at the link.

Cole said: ‘I’m so excited to be taking part in the American version of The X Factor. I absolutely love it here in the UK, and with the talent they have out in America, I’m sure we’re going to find someone very special.’

She added: ‘I can’t wait to get started. I just can’t decide whether I am more excited to find and nurture the talent or for the unbelievable amount of amusement and entertainment I will have watching Simon doing everything and anything he can to beat me.

‘He’s tried to beat me for three years in the UK, and hasn’t even come close. His ego must be so bruised. America is gonna love this.’

LOL to Simon’s ego “must be brusied”! I can’t wait to see them interact together!