August 16, 2011

X Factor Host Steve Jones In Fall TV Crush Forecast Top 10 List

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Buzz Sugar has pegged US X Factor host, Steve Jones, in their “Top Ten Hot Guys” List to watch on TV this Fall. Check out who else made the cut at the link and see if you don’t agree.

Steve Jones
Move over Seacrest: The X Factor’s host Steve Jones is a tall, dark, handsome emcee. You’d think it would be hard to upstage the antics of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, but come Fall, I think the Welsh Jones will give them a run for their money.


August 9, 2011

Promotional Pictures Released Of The US X Factor Cast

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Publicity for the US X Factor is really starting to pick up with only a little more than a month until it’s official premiere on Fox on September 21st and 22nd. This week more promotional pics have been released of the all-star cast of Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Steve Jones. A group high quality image of them can be seen below that I picked up from the Official X Factor Site. I think it showcases their personalities perfectly, do you? 🙂 You can view 5 more pics at Digital Spy.


August 3, 2011

US X Factor Official Artwork Revealed!

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And here it is in all of it’s glory special thanks to Entertainment Weekly!! Stay tuned as it’s premiere date, September 22nd, is just around the corner!


August 2, 2011

Steve Jones On Landing His “Dream Job” On The X Factor, Cheryl Cole, And More!

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The Sun has a great new interview up with Steve Jones. The handsome new X Factor host says he hasn’t had a problem bonding with the new judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. He dishes on Cheryl Cole’s exit from the show and said it wasn’t her accent for why she was let go. He also jokes on Simon being a hermit, being cruely handsome, and more. But, seriously, Steve is thankful to have landed his “dream job”. More below and at the link. He’s going to be fun!!

Steve said: “Paula is just wild. She takes forever to get ready and is always late – but that’s Paula.

“Me and Scherzinger have hit it off big time. We became very close very quickly. We hit the karaoke like my life depended on it in Miami and did a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

“Simon is difficult to get out. He’s like a bloody hermit. He stays in his penthouse in whichever city we are filming just hatching plans.

“The other weird thing I’ve noticed is he’s like a squirrel – he just eats nuts all the time. During the filming of the show, every time I look at the monitor he’s got a mouthful of nuts and is munching.”

Steve began co-hosting the show with Nicole but their partnership was split up with Cheryl Cole’s sensational exit in May.

Steve claims to know little about the circumstances surrounding her exit, but said: “I spoke to her and said I was disappointed I wasn’t going to spend a lot more time with her because she’s a cool girl. The powers that be know exactly what happened. I’m my own little island backstage.

“But the only thing I will say is it was nothing to do with the accent. I watched her judge about 140 contestants and only twice did someone say, ‘Excuse me?’

“If anything the people backstage were just looking in the monitors and saying, ‘Oh my god it’s an angel. She’s beautiful’. Because she is, of course.”


July 15, 2011

US X Factor Promo Picture Released

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Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, here is a X Factor promotional picture of the 4 judges and host Steve Jones. What do you think of it? I think it depicts all of them and their personalities quite well.


Simon Cowell And The Judges Opinion Of Their First X Factor Commercial (Behind The Scenes Videos)

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Below is some fun footage of what Simon and the judges thought about making their first promo for the show. You can see some behind the scenes footage as well. This is too cute!! You can also see some images behind the scenes here.


July 12, 2011

View The Official X FACTOR World Preview!!

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July 11, 2011

US X Factor Preview Simon Cowell No More Mr. Nasty?

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Hey X Factor fans, just a reminder to watch a special premiere for the show during the 82nd All-Star baseball game tomorrow night, July 12th, on FOX at 8:00pm ET. It’s going to be an exciting night. Not only will the X Factor air a preview, Jordin Sparks is expected to sing and Brad Pitt will make an opening speech. What’s more and to bring and connect viewers closer to the sights and sounds of the first All-Star Game in Phoenix more than 21 cameras and 80 microphones will be positioned throughout Chase Field.

In telling you a little more on the X Factor preview, it’s rumored we will see a more gentle and nicer Simon than what we’ve seen of him during his days on American Idol and after the recent firing of Cheryl Cole. No more “Mr. Nasty”? Apparently, Simon he has been taught about positive energy and the calming influences of Asian cultures by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

“Backstage Nicole and Paula have been giving Simon pep talks focusing on positive energy. A couple of bemused colleagues have since overheard him talking about being more ‘zen’ and having ‘good energy’,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror. “Those who have had a glimpse of Tuesday’s first preview advert for the show are shocked by the new and unusually gentle side to Simon’s judging. It’s all a bit strange.”

Hmmm. LOL, I can’t wait to see if this is true?


July 3, 2011

New Official X Factor Commercial To Premiere Before MLB All-Star Game

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Future US X Factor fans, stayed tune to July 12!! A new commercial for the show is expected to air during the MLB All-Star Game before the game at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. I can’t embed it, but, check out an official teaser at the Official X Factor site >>>>>HERE.

This is getting more exciting by the day!! Bring it!!


June 16, 2011

Spookiness, Standing Ovations, Tears, and More On Day 2 Of The X Factor Audition Tapings In Miami

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According to X Factor’s Official Twitter, the audience had “amazing energy” for the 2nd day and night of audition tapings at the BankCenter in Coral Gables, Florida. Some of the auditions must have been amazing. It’s said one of the auditions brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears. Simon is said to have said “Genius” too to one of them. There were also two standing ovations and the judges were brought to their feet. One of them was also described as being “spooky”.

Overall, TV Guide is calling this week’s tapings as being a showcase of the judges personalities. Paula Abdul remarked Simon has got a little softer. In fact, when the judges introduced themselves at the beginning of the auditions (Tuesday), Abdul sat on Cowell’s lap and said, “I’m in love with Simon.” Read more below on all of the judges and how they interacted.

But Cowell showed few signs of being a softie as contestants faced him at the BankUnited Center. It’s becoming apparent that music producer Reid joins Cowell as the harsh critics, while Scherzinger and Abdul are the kinder, gentler judges. Cowell and Reid were especially blunt to a young guy whose dream is to appear on Glee; they also likened one duo to karaoke singers.

Cowell also playfully poked fun at Scherzinger, who has easily stepped into the judge’s chair vacated by Cheryl Cole. During the performance of a female quartet, the judges were trying to figure out who was the star of the foursome. Cowell explained that there has to be a star, and pointed to Scherzinger and her role in The Pussycat Dolls as an example.

“There has to be someone greedy in the group,” he said. “I wasn’t greedy,” Scherzinger responded. “It wasn’t about that.” Then Abdul broke in and mended fences: “She stole the limelight and that’s why she’s here on this panel.”

Below is a video of the judges entering the BankCenter last night. The energy of the audience is ‘indeed’ amazing.

And here is a sneak peek into one of the auditions.

So, now the judging panel travels to Dallas, Texas on June 21st and 22nd for the next audition tapings. If you live or are in the area, be sure to get your free tickets HERE.