August 10, 2011

X Factor ‘Reality Queen’ Nicole Scherzinger For Marie Claire Magazine September 2011

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Nicole Scherzinger is in the September edition of Marie Claire magazine. The issue contains a great new photospread as well as a new interview where she dishes on her new music and her new role on the X Factor. Nicole says the X Factor is like a “rollercoaster ride”. More below…

Not that this moment hasn’t been hard-won. Back before sleep was so tough to come by, it was her parents’ work ethic — her dad was a welder, her mom an office worker — and a worn-out Whitney Houston cassette tape that inspired what Cowell calls her ruthless ambition. “I definitely have the eye of the tiger,” says Scherzinger, 33. “I’ve fought my way to where I am and will continue to do so. I’m a hard worker — I get it from my family. We only know work. Nothing was handed to us. When I believe in something, I go after it. It’s very hard to tell me ‘no.'”

It’s not a word she hears often. Born in Hawaii (check out those hula moves in her “Right There” video with 50 Cent) and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Scherzinger went to a performing arts school, competed in state-fair talent shows, and climbed into a lion mascot suit at Kentucky Kingdom, a theme park. “It was disgusting — so hot! — and the smell,” she laughs. “You couldn’t get enough Febreeze.”

Scherzinger is a reality-show veteran: She won Popstars at age 23 — which landed her a spot in the girl group Eden’s Crush — and, most recently, carted home the 2010 trophy on Dancing With the Stars.

But it was last spring that the sticky-sweet Scherzinger pulled off a career-making coup: replacing British judge Cheryl Cole on the American edition of The X Factor. Whatever tensions there may have been on set (Cole was mysteriously dumped — no one’s talking) seem to have departed with Cole, as Scherzinger reveals that fellow judges Cowell, Paula Abdul, and L.A. Reid all share a dressing room backstage. “Simon calls it the judges’ lounge — everything’s open — so we all goof around, eat, and get ready in the same place.” It’s a dream come true for Scherzinger, who used to sleep in an Abdul nightshirt. “I’m the luckiest person to get a front-row ticket to the Simon and Paula show,” she says of the bizarre pairing. “This whole thing has felt like a roller-coaster ride.”

For more, go to and be sure to pick up the new issue of Marie Claire which hits news stands on August 16th.


July 15, 2011

Paula Abdul With The X Factor Look On Rodeo Drive!

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Paula Abdul was seen shopping on Rodeo Drive yesterday in Beverly Hills, CA looking cuter than ever in tight jeans, a beige leather coat, a crocodile purse, and a pair of high stilettos. The Daily Mail is reporting she was picking up some “fancy designer threads”. You can view more pics of her at the link. She looks incredible!


June 19, 2011

X Factor Louis Walsh Describes Simon Cowell’s Best And Worst Qualities

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Louis Walsh says Simon has the biggest ego, but, if he didn’t have the ego he has, he wouldn’t be as successful at what he does. More below and at

“He’s got great instincts, about people and fame, and he never goes for the obvious.

“He’s a perfectionist and works hard, but for all his success, he hasn’t changed.

“He doesn’t even dress well. The hairstyle, the flares, a bit of heel.”

Louis added: “The odd bit of Botox. But he needs it; he’s 51 and it’s called maintenance.”

True or False? I think Louis nailed it. Simon has qualities that can make you love and hate him. He’s not the best dresser either unless he’s attending the Royal Ascot. 😀


June 13, 2011

Fashion Designer Leanne Marshall Writes On Paula Abdul’s X Factor Dresses

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Well, besides singing and talent acts, I can forecast another feature right now to the X Factor! It’s going to be a fashion haven with dramatic, beautiful fashionistas like Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger gracing the judging panel every week. Then there is L.A. Reid who is one of the finest dressed gentlemen that I’ve seen in a long while in his classy silk lined pin-striped suits. Know what I’m saying? 🙂

Fashion Designer Leanne Marshall wrote on Paula in her blog this past week. Leanne said she’s been meeting with Paula for quite some time and has “had an incredible time making a whole series of custom garments for her.” Below is a picture Leanne posted of Paula in the pink number she designed. Be sure to check out Leanne’s blog called “Pedals and Waves” to see why maybe Paula has chosen her. Leanne Marshall’s dresses are one of a kind.

Below is Paula in another Leanne Marshall creation holding flowers given to her from Cheryl Cole who Paula has openly commented that she has no issues with and only wishes Cheryl the best. More here on the other gifts Cheryl sent to the show. Note how Simon was left out which is of no surprise there.

Here’s to the auditions in Miami this week when we’ll get to see more of the X Factor judging panel in fabulous attire. No doubt!



June 12, 2011

Pure X Factor 1 – Paula Abdul’s New Photo Shoot With Sachika

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Not much is known on this new photo shoot with Paula Abdul, but, I’m betting it’s connected with the promotions for X Factor’s premiere in the Fall? TV E! Personality and Fashion Designer Tonya Sachika of Sachika Fashions posted this take of Paula yesterday at her twitter account with a quote that said, “On set with true legend, the beautiful @Paulaabdul !!!” When we find out more on this exciting shoot, we’ll be sure to let you know.