September 20, 2011

X-Factor Podcast!

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Hey everyone!

With the US series premiere of The X-Factor airing in less than 24 hours, we wanted to let any readers know that a podcast will be posted for you to check out. These episodes are a segment of our television-focused podcast series, Reflections on Pop Entertainment, co-hosted by my fiancée Meghan and myself (James). We’re excited to be partnering with to help add content to this new site and to also get our podcast out to a larger audience. We look forward to interacting with fans of the show!

To give you some background about ourselves, Meghan and I have known each other since college where we participated in theatre together. We are very analytical when it comes to the things we enjoy and we constantly discussed and analyzed shows with each other. After doing this for the past couple years, we decided that we should turn these discussions into a podcast. We both come from different academic backgrounds (Meghan has a Masters degree in American literature and I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in physics), which combined with our theatre background gives us what we hope is a unique perspective.

This past summer we recorded a series of podcasts covering season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance, so visitors who frequent may recognize us from over there. In addition, this Fall we are recording a segment called TV Week in Review (for lack of a better title) where we discuss various scripted and reality TV shows that we watch, such as The Amazing Race, Fringe and Person of Interest. Those episodes will not be posted here, but anyone interested in listening can visit our personal blog. You can also follow our Twitter account @ReflPopEnt for our latest updates and thoughts.

To give you an idea of what to expect from us, we anticipate our X-Factor podcasts will follow a similar structure as our So You Think You Can Dance episodes. We didn’t cover the auditions for SYTYCD, but we are covering those for the X-Factor. Following auditions are the boot-camp and judges’s houses rounds, which happens in place of a “Hollywood” or “Vegas” week ala American Idol and SYTYCD. Since we haven’t seen how these episodes are structured yet, we are anxious to see how they play out and to discuss what happens. When we get to the actual performance/elimination episodes, we discuss the elimination and what it means in the greater context of the competition, the performances from the Wednesday episode, judges reactions and anything else interesting that happened during the week.

We look forward to the premiere and to getting our first podcast out to you. Look for it at the end of the week on either Friday or Saturday.

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