August 17, 2011

Mariah Carey In Final Negotiations To Mentor US X Factor Contestants

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According to a Deadline exclusive (who have been a good source for new X Factor news in the U.S.), Mariah Carey is in final negatiations to mentor the contestants from the X Factor. Details below. Be sure to read the link for the full story as they question if adding Mariah to the show will “outglitz both The Voice and American Idol”.

Simon Cowell is in final negotiations to have Mariah Carey as his personal pick to mentor his contestants from his house. “He’s still finalizing her deal,” an insider tells me. The X Factor is pulling out all the stops to draw in other superstars as mentors. Contacts are being made now with “the Beyoncés, the Rihannas, all of them.” the insider tells me. The X Factor’s UK original series reportedly has signed up Usher as a mentor. Mariah’s name has been mentioned in connection with the U.S. show from the beginning but her twins pregnancy prevented her from being one of the judges.

I’m not sure about The Voice as I don’t watch that show. I love American Idol though and I think I will love watching both American Idol and the X Factor. I’m loving everything I’m hearing about the X Factor too and who has been picked to do the show. I’ve awlays been a Mariah Carey fan.

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