August 9, 2011

X Factor Simon Cowell Pays Paula Abdul The Highest Compliment He Could Give

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Paula and Simon have opened up more on their bond and working relationship on the X Factor. Paula compared Simon to “a quintessential older brother that needles you all the time”, but, she understands him more now and gets his “warped sense of humor”. So much so, she can look at him and know exactly what he’s thinking. On Paula, Simon compared her to “owning a pet dog”. When you read the take below from Digital Spy you can understand and feel their connection and why Simon felt so strongly about having her on the X Factor with him. Be sure to read the link for the full story.

“We’d always said we’d work together again,” Cowell said. “At one point, when [Paula’s] deal came down to the 11th hour, I remember saying to the team, ‘If she’s not there, you may as well cancel filming.’ I really felt that strongly that I wanted her with me.”

The judge recently compared his friendship with Abdul to owning a pet dog, noting that the singer becomes upset if she is not sitting next to Cowell during the talent competition.

Cowell expanded upon the comparison in the new interview, insisting that it is the highest form of praise he can give.

“I’d forgotten how much I missed her,” the 51-year-old admitted. “Think of it like having a pet for years and years – you move away, get on with your life and forget the pet a bit. Then suddenly you’re reunited and you remember how much you loved it!

“She’s not going to like me for putting it like that. But as an animal lover, it’s about the highest compliment I can give!”

Cowell also confessed that the pair’s personalities are rubbing off on each other. “I’ve been actually starting to think at times we are turning into one another,” he said. “She’ll say things I’d normally say, and vice versa.”

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