August 6, 2011

Simon Cowell Dishes On His Judges, The X Factor, American Idol, and More

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OK Magazine recently sat down with Simon Cowell to ask him about the X Factor. He talks of Paula and how she wears her heart on her sleeve. She “fascinates” him and he loves her “energy”. He talks a little on the other judges as well as American Idol and how he doesn’t ever plan on returning to the show. He doesn’t have hard feelings. He’s happy and he knows they are too. All this and more below and at the link.

“It’s that kind of unpredictability with her where you don’t know if she’ll be in a good mood or a bad mood and my god she wears her heart on her sleeve,” Simon gushed to OK! at the London Hotel of why he couldn’t wait to work with the “Forever Your Girl” singer once more, adding that Paula is, “hilarious to work with!”

While the 51-year-old admits that Paula, “fascinates” him, it’s the twosome’s quirky, love-hate dynamic that seems to win over viewers. So will the pair be up to their same old comical tricks now that they are slated to judge together on a different show?

Simon explained to OK! that he and Paula’s energy will never change as she “has this ability to forget she’s being filmed. So when she argues with me, it’s as if she’s in my house, screaming at me, and then she kind of remembers she’s on TV again. I’ve never worked with anyone like her before.”

Simon and Paula, 49, are usually the ones butting heads at the judge’s table, but with music producer L.A. Reid and Killer Love artist Nicole Scherzinger also on the X Factor panel, there is bound to be even more back and forth between the cast.

“I call Nicole ‘Sylvester’ after Sylvester the Cat and I call Paula ‘Tom,’” Simon joked to OK! of Paula’s amusing cat and mouse relationship with the former Pussycat Dolls band member, “And Sylvester and Tom get their claws into [some of the contestants] and me and L.A. fight to keep these girls in.”

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