August 5, 2011

US X Factor Crew Answers Questions At The Television Critics Association Press Tour

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Today, Simon Cowell along with Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, L.A. Reid and the cast and crew of the US X Factor answered questions from reporters today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. According to E Online, Simon addressed rumors on Mariah Carey and if there are plans to have her play a role on the show. This is how he addressed the question;

“There’s certain sections on the show where we do have well known people helping us on the show,” Simon explains. “I talked to her the other day, and she’s been enthusiastic since day one. But then she selfishly got pregnant which is why she didn’t end up as a judge.”

Simon also addressed why Cheryl Cole was let go from the show and if it was because she didn’t get a long with Paula.

“If it was a question of not getting along with Paula then I wouldn’t be on the show.” He explained: We felt that Cheryl was going to be more comfortable to do the U.K. show, which I offered her, and initially she accepted but then things fell apart in negotiations…I thought Cheryl returning back to the U.K. would have been a big headline, good for the show over there, good for her.” He adds that having (replacement judge) Nicole Scherzinger has been “a revelation.”

You can read more on how Simon and Paula are getting along and more at E Online. Deadline also has a great article up detailing today’s events.

Be sure to check out the Official US X Factor Facebook page for more pictures from today.

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