August 3, 2011

Simon Cowell Dishes On Paula Abdul, His Role As A Judge, And The New X Factor Talent

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It sounds like the relationship between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell isn’t much different on the X Factor versus their American Idol days. Simon says, “It is exactly like old times, which is both good and negative. There are times when I could literally throttle Paula, and there are times when I’ve had the best time of my life.” Simon also comments that he still plans to be brutally honest on the new US X Factor. He also gives us a hint on the new singing talent. More in an update from Fox News below.

“The point about trying to make a reality show is that you have to be real. This is what I’m like in real life, if I hate somebody, I say I hate them and if I love somebody, I’m happy to say I love them,” he said. “But to sit there and pretend that mediocre people are going to be stars is just ridiculous. So, you’ll see a lot of that kind of honesty on the show.

“There have been some people along the way, we call them ‘DOAs’ – Dead on Arrival,” he said. “Cute girls who walk out, Sylvester the cat, Tom from ‘Tom and Jerry,’ and we don’t want them in the competition.”

Still, Cowell says we can expect to see some serious singing talent – particularly from the more mature hopefuls.

“Where we are now, pretty much everyone I would have wanted to be in the final stages of the competition is still in the competition, and it’s going to be a real competition,” Cowell added. “I am impressed. I had no idea what we were going to find, but I am quite confident that we may have found more than one star.

“And what’s interesting is that it’s not just the young kids, which we expected good things from, it’s the people in the older category who I was slightly concerned would be a bit old-fashioned and not relevant. But, the older singers have a real chance of winning this competition. I think we’ve done well.”

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