August 2, 2011

Steve Jones On Landing His “Dream Job” On The X Factor, Cheryl Cole, And More!

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The Sun has a great new interview up with Steve Jones. The handsome new X Factor host says he hasn’t had a problem bonding with the new judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. He dishes on Cheryl Cole’s exit from the show and said it wasn’t her accent for why she was let go. He also jokes on Simon being a hermit, being cruely handsome, and more. But, seriously, Steve is thankful to have landed his “dream job”. More below and at the link. He’s going to be fun!!

Steve said: “Paula is just wild. She takes forever to get ready and is always late – but that’s Paula.

“Me and Scherzinger have hit it off big time. We became very close very quickly. We hit the karaoke like my life depended on it in Miami and did a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

“Simon is difficult to get out. He’s like a bloody hermit. He stays in his penthouse in whichever city we are filming just hatching plans.

“The other weird thing I’ve noticed is he’s like a squirrel – he just eats nuts all the time. During the filming of the show, every time I look at the monitor he’s got a mouthful of nuts and is munching.”

Steve began co-hosting the show with Nicole but their partnership was split up with Cheryl Cole’s sensational exit in May.

Steve claims to know little about the circumstances surrounding her exit, but said: “I spoke to her and said I was disappointed I wasn’t going to spend a lot more time with her because she’s a cool girl. The powers that be know exactly what happened. I’m my own little island backstage.

“But the only thing I will say is it was nothing to do with the accent. I watched her judge about 140 contestants and only twice did someone say, ‘Excuse me?’

“If anything the people backstage were just looking in the monitors and saying, ‘Oh my god it’s an angel. She’s beautiful’. Because she is, of course.”

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