August 2, 2011

Sinitta Claims Mariah Carey Will Assist Simon Cowell On The US X Factor

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Sinitta, Simon Cowell’s long time friend and assistant, is claiming Mariah Carey will indeed be assisting and advising Simon for the U.S. version of the X Factor. However, don’t think for a minute Sinitta won’t be involved in some capacity with the U.S version as well. Snitta will help more behind the scenes. Here is a take from Digital Spy which explains more.

In response, Sinitta today provided her Twitter followers with “official” confirmation that her long-standing role as Cowell’s advisor had been reassigned to Carey for the US version.

“First response to the now OFFICIAL news that the Diva’s Diva =Mariah Carey aka MIMI is to replace me on USA XF-S TOLD ME HIMSELF,” she posted.

However, the 42-year-old assured fans that she would still be involved in both the US and UK shows in some capacity.

“THINK BEING OFFERRED POSITION,(powerful)ON UK [X Factor],” she claimed. “Someone has to hold the forte…so USA SHOW doesnt KICK OUR BUTTS!!!,IN TALKS.”

To a follower’s suggestion that she should also serve as a mentor on The X Factor USA, she added: “I will be working on the show.i love helping the Talent-its what i love to do,you just dont see me.”

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