July 12, 2011

View The Official X FACTOR World Preview!!

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Drum Rolls Please! And here it is….nothing short of amazing!!

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    2 responses to "View The Official X FACTOR World Preview!!"

    1. # Nathan commented on July 13th, 2011:

      CANNOT WAIT!!!

      From my experience at the X Factor taping, I did feel Simon had gone soft BUT then certain singers really brought the nasty out of him. No worries, Simon is Simon. I was very impressed with Nicole Scherzinger as a judge (yes I have a bias towards her) but I will say she did have some “dingy” moments. But the way Nicole feels the music and when she gets down to actually talking about musicality, she is AMAZING. She is a judge for a reason. As for LA, WATCH OUT! This is LA Flippin’ Reid. He knows talent and has signed talents left and right. He knows a machine when he sees one and is very wise with his words. He can be cut throat (much worse than Simon IMO) but yet he doesn’t do it disrespectfully, which goes for all of the judges really, but LA to me is the strongest judge on there. As for Paula, well, I never watched Idol much, but she also looks like she has grown as a judge and definitely brought it to the table.

      Overall I’m so excited for this show and can’t wait for it to air!!!!

    2. # Voguerista commented on July 13th, 2011:

      Awesome. You rock Nathan! Thanks so much for your thoughts and letting us know how it all went down LIVE!! Just from what we’ve seen in the promo, it looks like Paula has improved as a judge too. I think this is going to be an amazing team. I’m really excited. Thanks again!

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