June 22, 2011

Simon Cowell Arrives Late For Day 2 Of the Dallas X Factor Tapings

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Simon was “fashionably” late to the audition tapings in Dallas today. Well, according to L.A., Simon is “always late”! Paula said they’d start the tapings without him because’s “he has a tendency to be late” and “not even just fashionably late”. Simon arrived just after the second audtition and seemed quite pleased with himself while the crowd cheered. Here is more on the fun today from Digital Spy. Be sure to visit the link for the full story. Picture above from The Daily Mail.

“We are going to start without him,” Reid told the audience at the American Airlines Center. “We don’t want you to have to wait and he’s always late. This time we’re going to get rolling, Simon or no Simon!”

Abdul quipped: “I’ve waited 12 years to start without Simon! This is the first time in history this has ever happened. He has a tendency to be late – and not even just fashionably late!”

“Don’t worry about him – he’ll be just fine,” Cowell’s former American Idol co-star reassured fans, as Scherzinger added: “This is about the talent, and you guys, you are the more important.”

Cowell turned up shortly after, with one audience member telling Digital Spy: “Simon arrived after just two auditions in the middle of a 15-year-old boy’s song. The crowd immediately jumped to their feet cheering – the guy didn’t know if it was for him or not, then he saw Simon but like a true professional he kept on singing.”

As the crowd chanted his name, Abdul realized her co-star had arrived, announcing: “Elvis has entered the building.”

Cowell jokingly declared that his delayed arrival had been caused by a helicopter falling on his car, adding: “I had quite a hectic day. I’m very sorry.”

Another member of the crowd added: “Simon was clearly delighted to arrive in the middle of a fantastic audition too – and naturally took full credit for it being so great. There were no complaints from him when the audience went even more crazy to see him.”

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