June 22, 2011

Dallas X Factor Auditions A Mixed bag of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Video Of Judges Interviewed)

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Dallas News is really covering the X Factor auditions well this week. It sounds like it was a mixed bag of the really bad and the really good yesterday. Simon Cowell (as always), was brutally honest. He told one contestant, “You gotta keep still. You’re making me feel sick.” But, there were “glowing reviews” as well. For example, Paula Abdul compared one singer to “a firefly. You just light up the room.” More in detail below and at the link. Also, be sure to check out the video above where the judges are each interviewed upon their arrivals.

“There won’t be a second song for you. I feel like we went through all four seasons with the first one.”

Yes, folks, Simon Cowell is back as a singing-competition judge, delivering barbs as only he can. He and his fellow panelists on The X Factor , — Nicole Scherzinger, L.A. Reid and a radiant, sharper-tongued Paula Abdul, — are in Dallas this week to film audition segments for the show, which debuts on Fox this fall.

And any rumblings that he’s a sweeter version of his American Idol self are false. Thankfully.

“OK, so this is very easy,” he told another hopeful at a taping at American Airlines Center on Tuesday. “It’s a no.”

As another singer chatted and nervously swayed onstage, Cowell interrupted him with, “You gotta keep still. You’re making me feel sick.”

But he wasn’t the only tell-it-like-it-is judge at the table. Taking her familiar spot at Cowell’s right, Abdul was surprisingly blunt at times. About one act, she said, “I just want them to sing right. That’s all I want.”

But a few glowing reviews were bestowed. Abdul compared one singer to “a firefly. You just light up the room.”

Before taping began, the judges walked the red carpet one at a time, greeting fans and signing autographs. Abdul hugged every little kid she spotted, while Cowell stuck his tongue out at one. (Turns out, she’d done it first. So there.)

During a quick one-on-one interview, Cowell said he disagrees with judges who say that they want to be nicer to contestants because they’ve been there and know what it’s like to be criticized harshly.

“I actually, genuinely, genuinely believe that the kindest person, not just on this show but on all shows, is me,” he said. “Because I’m the only truly honest person on all of these panels.”

As for being paired once again with his old Idol pal Abdul, Cowell said: “I’m glad I brought her on, because I don’t think the show would have been the same without her. It’s been long enough that we miss each other.”

Dallas seems to hold fond memories for the Brit, who thinks locals possess a certain energy.

“The people here are what I call in England ‘up for it,’ ” he explained. “They’ve kind of got their mojo, and I like that.

“We came back here because this is where we found Kelly,” he added. “This is where we started Idol, and now we’re back. I’m really happy to be here.”

Tapings continue today! Don’t forget you can follow LIVE tweets >>>>HERE to get some hints of what’s happening inside. Yesterday, they did a super job!

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