June 11, 2011

X Factor 1 – Nicole Scherzinger Performs And Talks On The X Factor On The Graham Norton Show

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This week the new X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, joined Graham Norton for a fun chat on his show in the UK. It aired last night. As reported to you earlier, Nicole was asked on her new judging role which she replied, “I haven’t said this yet, but I think it’s official that I have been made a judge.” Nicole also talked of the “amazing opportunity” and her thoughts of working with Simon. More on that below with a take from Easier.com.

Describing it as an “amazing opportunity” she adds: “I’m kind of finding out (what’s happening) along with everyone else. It’s kind of crazy to read about it in the newspaper first.”

And, on working with Simon Cowell, Nicole says: “He is someone you can learn a lot from. But when we are in that room it’s all about the music and the talent and I focus on the contestants, its what I am really passionate about.”

Tom Hanks, another guest on the show, was asked if he had been following the X Factor drama which he replied with….

“It’s front page news my friend, along with bad salads out of Germany – it’s the biggest news you can possibly get!”

LOL! I have a feeling Tom is going to be a fan to the show as he is of Nicole. Below is Nicole’s really cool performance of “Right There”. I am loving this song and I believe this dress might be a Versace, but, don’t take my word for it.

You can view this Graham Norton Show in 5 parts >>>>Here .

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