June 10, 2011

X Factor 1 – A 14 Year-Old Mini-Simon And a 46 Year Old Did Well At The New Jersey Auditions & More (Video)

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Below is a video from NJ.com with Simon, Paula, Nicole, and LA talking about the New Jersey auditions. Simon even gives a hint of who did well which includes a 7 year-old who was arrogant and obnoxious but, “totally talented” the second day. He also mentions a 46 year-old doing well the first day. Are we starting to get excited yet for this show? πŸ˜€

North Jersey covered this week’s auditions as well. Simon was hoping he’d find the “New Jersey Attitude” at the auditions and he found it “in spades”. More details below and at the link for what else Simon and the other judges would disclose of the auditions.

Scherzinger β€” who was originally announced as a co-host of the show, but then replaced previously named judge Cheryl Cole β€” arrived first, wearing a silver metallic dress and skyscraper heels. The former Pussycat Dolls star said she is finding it difficult to be tough on contestants, who unlike on “Idol” can be as young as 12, with no upper age limit, and can perform as groups as well as solo acts.

“As an artist, coming from that place, you can truly empathize,” she says. “Unfortunately, we’ve only got a couple of months to make a huge star and to give a $5 million recording contract to somebody who’s ready right now.”

On his way in, Reid said the auditions were going great.

“There’s a lot of great talent in the New York area, the Jersey area,” he said. “On a scale of one to 10, I’d give it 8 1/2.”

Abdul, wearing a magenta dress and sky-high stilettos, also praised the “audience in New Jersey.” She had nice things to say about Cowell as well. “He championed me,” Abdul said.

When Cowell, who was last to arrive, was asked how he’s handling the TV reunion with Abdul, he joked, “I have to do it in sort of two-hour blocks, you know?”

During the taping of the previous night’s show, Abdul and Cowell sat next to each other, with Scherzinger and Reid to their right as they faced the stage.

When Cowell told one contestant, “I like greedy people,” Abdul quipped, “That’s why you love yourself.”

“How happy are we that these two are back together?” Reid asked the audience of about 4,000. There was wild cheering.

Contestants walked onstage and answered questions from the judges before launching into their acts.

The Wednesday-night auditioners included 14-year-old male twins from Vermont, an adult father-son duo from Toms River, a 22-year-old from Butler whom Cowell told, “Come back tomorrow, with a different song, a different attitude,” and a 12-year-old Montville girl with a powerful, sultry voice who Cowell said “saved tonight.”

On the flip side, the famously blunt Brit told another contestant, “You sounded like Justin Bieber if he had flu.”

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