June 6, 2011

US X Factor – Simon Cowell Speaks Out About Cheryl Cole Being Axed From The X Factor

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Simon Cowell has finally broke his silence about why Cheryl Cole was axed from the X Factor. He said, “The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarassed her, but the truth was I was protecting her. I just want people to be in the best place at the right time.”

As reported to you earlier, Cheryl filmed four episodes of the US version of X Factor in May. It’s said tensions started to occur after the first audition in Los Angeles (May 8th) when Simon told Cheryl to ‘contribute more’. After the Chicago auditions on May 19th, Simon concluded Cheryl had to go since she was uncomfortable. She was offered to judge the UK version of the X Factor, but turned it down. Next bosses did an ‘unexpected U-turn’ when they offered Cheryl her job back on the US Version of the X Factor on Saturday. They gave her 24 hours to decide. Cowell insisted it was a geniuine offer but, he admits ‘it caused rows’. They never heard back from Cheryl so they moved forward in hiring Nicole Scherzinger. More details below from The Mirror. Be sure to read the link for the full story and more official quotes from Simon.

“When she turned down the UK show, we got back in touch and said, well she is still under contract with the US show so we invited her back. Her position was still there.

“We had some heated conversations with her US manager Will.i.am and he inferred this wasn’t a genuine offer. They thought that if she didn’t turn up on Wednesday then we wouldn’t pay her.

“We made it clear that she was always going to be paid in full. We got to the point on Saturday when we genuinely thought she was going to accept the offer but again neither she nor they returned any calls. So we’ve announced Nicole.”

Cowell explained he and TV bosses had previously decided Cheryl was “uncomfortable” on the US show and felt offering her the chance to return to the UK X Factor would be the best option.

He confirmed the deal would have been worth €2.8million if she agreed to it, but talks broke down when news of her problems in America began to leak out.

He said: “Knowing Cheryl like I know her, we noticed she was quieter than normal, looked a bit uncomfortable but I put some of this down to nerves. The overall feeling was that she was slightly out her comfort zone in America, compared to what she was in the UK.

“If she had accepted my original offer, she would have made a sensational return and would have understood she was more comfortable in the UK than the US.”

He went on: “I apologise that all this has become public and I understand the stress she is under, and I hate that. But we have all been under a lot of stress.

“When things like this happen I look at the contestant, they must think this is crazy. All the attention is on us. I am sorry this has caused so much anguish and embarrassment, but I stand by what I believe was the right intention. And I would say that to her face right now.”

Cowell insisted he hoped to still be friends with Cheryl, despite their spectacular fall out and war of words via their friends, which has been played out in the media for two weeks.

He said: “I had a text from her last Wednesday. She said she felt let down but at the time she undestood that it was a professional decision. I replied saying this was never personal or saying you were terrible. It wasn’t that she was terrible – she was good – I just thought she’d be happier in the UK.

“After the year she’d had with Ashley and the whole malaria thing, you either shut it down and go for it or you have to be with your friends and family to deal with it.

“We are close friends. I still hope we are but sometimes when you’re that close, when you’re making these decisions with someone’s life you have to be certain. I stand by what I said to her. I hope we’re still close friends. I’m sure if she was here now there would be a frank discussion, but will I work with her again? Definitely. She’s a star.”

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