June 4, 2011

US X Factor 1 – Nicole Scherzinger: “I’m not at all nervous about The X Factor’

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Ghananaija has a great new interview up with Nicole Scherzinger. They write of her career and how Nicole became famous with the Pussycat Dolls until how she got hired to be a host (judge?) on the X Factor. She also gives her thoughts on Simon and her role on the show. She states there is no fued between her and Cheryl Cole. More below, but, be sure to read the link for the full article especially for those who don’t know Nicole very well.

‘I absolutely love having money, because I grew up without it,’ said Nicole Scherzinger

For someone voted one of the world’s sexiest women, Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t set much store by her appearance.

‘A lot of people think you get into this position in life because of looks, but looks mean nothing without the right attitude and the ability to work 24/7 for what you want.’

These days she’s rarely out of the headlines, not least because of her position as No 1 female pop icon on the U.S. version of The X Factor following Cheryl Cole’s unexpected departure.

She was born in Hawaii, where her Filipino father left the family when she was two. At six she moved to Kentucky with her mother and stepfather, Gary Scherzinger, who became a great supporter.

‘He’d drive me to auditions in beaten-up old cars, and he always knew what to say if things went well or they didn’t.’

She found fame with the Pussycat Dolls – known for outrageous performances in skimpy outfits – before becoming a solo performer. Next year she’s starring in Men In Black III.

Aged 32, she has been dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton for three years.

I’m not at all nervous about The X Factor.
Simon (Cowell) has this unbelievable way of making you feel at ease. At the same time it’s this huge deal. There was a rumour of a feud between me and Cheryl, which is totally untrue. I also think you have to remember that The X Factor isn’t about the judges; it’s about those people out there with their dreams, and to be part of their journey makes me feel very humble.

Simon Cowell is a genius – he’s also very funny.
He and Louis Walsh were amazing to work with. They’d sit together and say incredibly awful things to each other and then burst out laughing, like brothers. There’s never a dull moment around Simon, because there’s always something going on; his brain never stops working.

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