June 4, 2011

Pure X Factor – Cheryl Cole £1.2million Deal If She Remains Silent About X Factor Axe

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The last thing the new US X Factor needs is someone bad mouthing the show, Simon, or the producers before the show even starts. So, i’s no wonder why Fox execs are quickly working out a £1.2million deal with Cheryl Cole to keep her quiet about why she was axed from the show. If true, not bad a bad deal for 4 days of work, huh? More below in a take from The Mirror.

Insiders say she may be paid her full contract for the US version despite being cruelly axed in the first week.

But in return she must agreen not to bad-mouth the show or Simon Cowell in public. The deal would mean the Geordie Girls Aloud star could collect a golden goodbye worth £25,000 an hour.

One insider said: “Cheryl is going to be paid off if things go to plan.

“The last thing we need is someone with an axe to grind saying bad things about the show before it even starts.

“We hope a simple statement can be released next week and that will be the end of it. It’s is an incredible amount of money for four days’ work, but this is a multi-million dollar show with so much invested, it will be worth it. If she takes the money she is effectively agreeing to a gag.”

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