June 3, 2011

X Factor 1 – Joan Collins Speaks Out About Cheryl Cole And The X Factor

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According to Digital Spy, Joan Collins thinks it’s unfair that Cheryl Cole has “allegedly” been axed from The X Factor USA because of her Newcastle accent. Joan had a Newcastle accent and she said people didn’t understand her either when she first set her sights on Hollywood, but, that didn’t stop Joan from getting her first break. You can read more of Joan’s thoughts below. Do you agree or disagree?

Collins told Now: “I feel sad for her as I went to Hollywood when I was 21 and they didn’t understand me.

“They gave me lessons and I got an American accent – now I’m in between. Cheryl got a bad deal as they knew she talked like that before.”

Cole has previously insisted that she would “never” change her accent, stating: “It’s part of who I am.”

However, according to sources, the popstar’s thick Geordie accent ultimately worked against her.

The insider commented: “When they started shooting in Chicago the contestants had
trouble understanding her and that threw the bosses into a panic.

“They had to re-shoot a few auditions because of it. Cheryl was embarrassed and apologized several times, but it quickly became a big issue – especially because no-one had any problems with Steve Jones’s Welsh twang.”

I agree with Joan completely. I think it’s unfair to fire Cheryl just because of her accent and if a few kids couldn’t understand her. I still wonder if there isn’t way more to this story? I also want to say that this whole ordeal is turning into a press “stoning” which is unbarable to read at times.

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