May 28, 2011

Pure X Factor 1 – I Think We Are In For A Long Wait To Hear Anything Official On Cheryl Cole’s Exit From The X Factor

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And so the Cheryl Cole-X Factor saga continues! Did Cheryl get axed from being a new X Factor judge in the U.S., or did she not? Channel 5 in the UK interviewed Sinitta (Simon Cowell’s ex-girfriend and close confidante)yesterday. Sinitta questions where the rumor came from in the first place. She also claims Cheryl may not have been kicked off the show and that she just needed to go home because she was homesick. Simon Cowell has been extra busy and unable to take her calls, but, Sinitta says until we hear from the “horse’s mouth” (Simon), we shouldn’t believe anything. I tend to think Simon is loving this negative press because it only hypes up the show. He will wait as long as he can to say anything official.

Channel 5 also interviews a journalist from the States who reports Cheryl’s exit hasn’t been big news and people here don’t really care if Cheryl is a judge or not. She also disses Cheryl’s accent saying it was too hard to understand and she thinks Fox execs thought the same.

Interestingly enough, Simon has been known in the past to give Cheryl a hard time on her accent. I found this older video from 2009 where Simon pokes her on it. Check out how Cheryl replies playing right into his hand. So typical Simon getting a rise out of people. Seriously though, does Simon have room to talk? He has a British accent as well. Even still, you gotta love him. He is who he is and has become for a reason.

Also, something to think about, what about the new X Factor host Steve Jones? He has a Welsh accent. So, is his job in jeapordy as well? Jones remarked earlier this year that his accent wouldn’t have stopped an American career for himself. He said:

“I’ve been working in America on and off for almost eight years and no one’s ever said ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ There would not be a problem with the accent,

“To be honest I’ve been offered a couple of other shows in the States in the last six months which I’ve turned down and I know there’s been no issue with my accent there, because I’m a professional presenter and there’s an element of TV voice – when you’re on you speak clearly, you enunciate.”

So, we continue to await for official word on Cheryl’s new X Factor judge’s position. I have a feeling we are in for a long wait. 🙂

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    One response to "Pure X Factor 1 – I Think We Are In For A Long Wait To Hear Anything Official On Cheryl Cole’s Exit From The X Factor"

    1. # Elmari commented on May 28th, 2011:

      If this is all for publicity, I’d be really turned off. But I believe the avg viewer don’t care. There’s other more important things that are going on in the US, like Joplin. It’s just the CC fans that feel insulted.

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