May 8, 2011

Pure X Factor Season1 – Photos of First US X Factor Taping Arrivals

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Below are some pictures of all four X Factor judges working the press at today’s first Auditions taping courtesy of the Daily Mail. Be sure to read the link for some special words from them all and what they feel and hope for the show.

Cheryl Cole;

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell reunited;

L.A. Reid;

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    2 responses to "Pure X Factor Season1 – Photos of First US X Factor Taping Arrivals"

    1. # Elmari commented on May 8th, 2011:

      Paula and Simon should be a couple. LOL! Cheryl looks cute, but not liking the hair. LA looks excited. I wish we could have gotten a pic of Nicole!!!!! I miss her.

    2. # Voguerista commented on May 9th, 2011:

      LOL to Simon and Paula should be a couple. I agree. I always thought there was something between those two a little.

      I wish Cheryl would have worn a short dress. I really didn’t like her outfit yesterday. Not sure I liked her hair too. She’s wearing it big for the Loreal hairspray promotion I think. lol

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